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  1. DIY
    I am restoring a 20g Metaframe aquarium and need to replace the glass of a broken pane. Where do DIYers buy aquarium glass? I'm looking for something 6mm - per every chart I've seen - and it doesn't have to be low-iron, though that would be perfered. Thanks!
  2. Equipment
    Hello all, I've yet to find a direct answer to this and any related information I have found has been conflicting so here goes. I have an 18" glass cube (25gal) that I'm looking to set up, the materials for which I am starting to acquire. I'm looking into glassware for the inflow/outflow and...
  3. DIY
    Does anyone know how much I should subtract from the glass pane dimensions for the silicone layer? I want to build my own Aquarium and order glass with the dimensions I need. However, I do not know if I should subtract anything for the thickness of the silicone layer. For my sump the esthetics...
  4. DIY
    Hi I am going to buy some glass for mid-size vivarium. So, please tell me what type of glass and thickness is better to use for this purpose? For sure the cost is important. LOL Is it a good idea to choose the better quality glass just for front or it does not give much better and clear view? Tnx
  5. Equipment
    So... I've noticed the inside of my tank is pretty scratched up, and for the longest, I thought it wasn't actual scratches but possibly just residue from the silicone wearing off. Anyways, since I've been cleaning my tank and doing a lot of maintenance on it recently I was looking into it and...
  6. DIY
    Looking to meld thin acrylic to thin glass. What types of silicone are acceptable? Would it be acceptable to use something other than the "aquarium grade" silicone found at the local PS. What are some other options. Clear, or black, not white. Thanks for your help!
  7. Equipment
    I am setting up a tank (50 gallons or so). I have an Ehiem Professional 2 which will generate decent flow but I want to kick it up a notch. All my hardware for my tank is glass (ADA lily pipes and diffuser) so naturally any ordinary power head or wave maker will really stand out. Has anyone ever...
  8. Equipment
    G'day! Title basically says it all. What are your thoughts on all these types of heaters? And what do you use? (Brand,Material and controller if you use a separate unit) From what I have observed, Glass heaters can be either very good or very bad or maybe even explosive. Titanium seem to be...
  9. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I'm assuming they're harmless, but does anyone know what these things are? I'm very curious. They are very tiny to the naked eye, not very long, and white. They move across the glass and gather in great quantities at a few key spots on my glass where I believe the flow isn't as strong. Good...
  10. Equipment
    On the AFA it says: "Specifications: Violet Glass-(Inflow) VV-1/13mm: for 45-60cm standard aquarium AND Violet Glass-(Inflow) VV-2/13mm: for 90cm standard aquarium". But does anyone know how much the VV2 actually measures from the curve to the bottom of the inflow (the section that goes in...
1-10 of 41 Results