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  1. Equipment
    I need some feedback as I put together my 75g. I have not used a top on my tanks in over 10 years. Consequently I have lost a few fish because of it. I like the open top look and function of my tanks. The only reason I am considering a glass top is I want to keep fish in my new tank from jumping...
  2. Equipment
    For some strange reason a piece of my glass canopy broke off. I heard some strange noice but didn't see anything wrong, but later I looked at the tanks and a piece of glass was laying on the bottom. I still should the receipt but I'm puzzled as to why it broke, there was nothing on it except the...
  3. Lighting
    Help! My custom cut glass tops for my aquarium both cracked. I believe it is from the heat of the lights but you tell me. Am frustrated. I don't mind spending the money to get new tops made, or to buy different light fixtures, but I want to understand what happened, and what I'm doing wrong...
1-3 of 3 Results