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  1. Equipment
    So I think I need a lid for my 15g, but my tank is from Aqua Japan, and has rounded front corners, meaning I cannot find a fitting lid anywhere...does anyone know of any lids that might fit my tank, or how I might go about making one? I'd obviously need to "edit" any existing lids to accommodate...
  2. Equipment
    I am looking to purchase a glass lid online or from someone. I live in the US so it is hard to find these replacement lids, any suggestions? I could try to make my own but if anyone wants to sell theirs I would be willing to negotiate! Thanks.
  3. Lighting
    Help! My custom cut glass tops for my aquarium both cracked. I believe it is from the heat of the lights but you tell me. Am frustrated. I don't mind spending the money to get new tops made, or to buy different light fixtures, but I want to understand what happened, and what I'm doing wrong...
1-3 of 3 Results