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  1. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hello, I am looking at starting up a 10 gallon planted tank for a pair of german blue rams. I have kept a pair in a 10 gallon before and they spawned and I had free swimming fry. The fry eventually passed away, and so did the parents, however I loved their personality and colors and would like...
  2. Fish
    Hello Everyone, So I have a 10 gallon tank which currently has 1 female German Blue Ram and 2 Harlequin Rasboras. Here is a picture of the tank... So my question is what do you recommend I do for the tank? I was thinking of either adding a school of cardinal tetras or some other type of...
  3. Fish
    I have 2 male German Blue Rams in my 20L. 1 has clearly been the dominant male. His colors were more striking and his fins were much longer. He would chase the other around, but never seemed to be a problem, he would get bored with it fairly quickly. I've been too busy to sit down with the tank...
  4. Fish
    My Male Ram has developed a sort of pimple on the right side of his face near his mouth. He is still very colorful and seems completely normal... any ideas? He is in a 29g with only him, a female GBR, and a SAE.
  5. Fish
    I have been searching for this fish for a long time and eventually bought a pair at my LFS. Unfortunately, a few weeks after, the female died and i suspect it was from the far east and had steroids which I hear is pretty common in fish stores. However, 6 months later the male is still alive and...
1-5 of 5 Results