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  1. Fish
    I am starting up a 90 gallon my plan is 30 glofish danio 4 powder blue gourami 1 male 3 female 4 fire gourami 1 male 3 female 4 other dwarf gourami 1 male 3 female 2 dark knight rams 1 male 1 female 2 electric blue rams 1 male 1 female 1 red tail shark Anyone see any issues with this stocking...
  2. Fish
    Hi all. So I just got this German Blue Ram among with many more things from a local hobbyist that was getting rid of all his stuff and fish. I had a week ago purchased 5 other GBR, but they seem to all be female. In any case, they are way smaller than this one. So I imagine they are at different...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Recently I bought four german blue rams from my LFS, when I picked them up I bought a better heater and had done my research. I wasn't surprised when one of them contracted ich, i then proceeded to raise the temperature from 86 to 90 to help kill off the ich. I noticed while doing that, that one...
  4. Fish
    Hey everybody, I bought this pair at the LFS today and was told the large one was male and the small one female, however I just read the males shouldn't have any blue scales in their black spot, which both appear to have. They do get along great, they follow each other everywhere. Though this...
  5. Fish
    Hey guys, can you put a pair of apistos and a pair of rams in the same tank? Would they be able to breed? Thanks!:smile2:
  6. Fish
    Started this log not too long ago, so I thought I share it while I'm still logging the developments going on. Fair warning, it's going to be a bit of a read. Congrats if you decide to read it all the way through :smile2: July.26th, 2016 - 10:20pm Brought this lil guy home yesterday and...
  7. Fish
    Hey guys, I was just wondering if there is any tricks to sexing young German Blue Rams. I have recently acquired 4 GBR and it is so hard to tell what sex they are because from what I see all of hem have some sort of blue sheen on their black spot. I'll post some pictures once I'm able to get...
  8. Arizona
    Anyone in east valley know where to get some German Blue Rams that are not raised in a farm?Any local Breeders?Thanks.
  9. Fish
    Hi so i have a 20 gallon long tank filled with plants, its low tech but i have a t5 bulb and occasionally use flourish excel. Its fully cycled, and houses 6 neon tetras 5 guppies 4 amano shrimp and a bunch of cherry shrimps. I found a guy online that is selling me 6 unsexed german blue rams...
  10. Fish
    I am setting up a planted 29 gallon tank. I really would like a pair of GBRs but I don't really know what else to stock in the tank without crowding it.
  11. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I got theses two about a month ago, the guy said they were male and female, but I'm not so sure?? The "male" in the background has sparkles through his black spot too??
1-11 of 12 Results