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  1. DIY
    Hey everyone, I'm working on setting up a standard 90 gallon tank that came with 1.5" bulkhead holes drilled in the back. I picked up a Fluval FX5 and want to utilize the holes for a nicer presentation. My question is; can I plumb a 1.5" intake tubing and 1.5" return spray bar into the tank...
  2. DIY
    I have a diy CO2 reactor after my FX5 which works great.. up until a couple sessions of the fx4 "burping" it self.. after that the reactor seems to build up an air pocket and i hear the waterfall type sounds of water falling inside it.. Does anyone else have this problem or know of a good fix?
  3. Equipment
    I have a 84G tank (48"x17"x24") with a FX5 filter. Is it best to have the intake/outtake on one side to create a circular motion or to put one on each side for a side for a 1 direction flow.
  4. Tank Journals
    Place holder for my Osaka 320 Forest tank log. I will be getting the tank next weekend. Tank: Fluval Osaka 320L (84G) Filter: Fluval FX5 Substrate: 1-1.5" of MGOPM capped with 2x bags of instant aquaria black fine gravel and 4-5x bags of Eco-complete. Stock: a small Army of CPD's...
  5. Equipment
    I have a 120tall tank with a sump, that is gassing off too much of the CO2 that i am injecting and I am having a algae outbreak. I was wondering what i could do to stop the gassing off. Or could I take the sump out and hook a fx5 to the output and input from the tank? Would this work? Will this...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Ok well let me start by saying I was talking to Les about switching my fluval fx5 to dual Eheim 2217's to increase water movement in my 55 gallon. I didnt feel with the way the return is setup on the fx5 it was getting the job done and was leaving dead spots in my aquarium. So as part of my...
1-6 of 7 Results