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full spectrum daylight
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  1. DIY
    TL;DR 4 50W "full spectrum" grow leds + 10 20W 6000K led bulbs + 5 5to15W green leds = cheap and nice led fixture? HALP pics below. I'm planning on build a DIY led light on the cheap side, I have had experience with "simple" led light bulbs on my little tank (somewhere around 50G) 4 bulbs of...
  2. Lighting
    This is my first post ever so please bear with me, here it goes: I am changing out the lighting on my 150g and have come to an impasse. I could really use the help of the masses. I have a 2 bulb T8 fixture. Previously I was running 1 Marineland T10F40w (tank came with 2) and 1 T12 GE 6500K...
1-2 of 2 Results