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  1. Fish
    I was wondering if I could put roughly 30-40 corydoras in this aquarium? I haven't put them in it yet, still waiting on the cycle to finish. I also want to put roughly 10 cherry Rasboras, 15 serpae tetras, and maybe one electric blue acara. The temp will be between 76-78F. I have 5 pieces of...
  2. California
    A&P Tropical Fish - Long Beach, CA Hi all! Just thought I'd share this little gem of a ghetto aquarium shop. Not the best neighborhood, no, and not the nicest aesthetics, but they have a WONDERFUL selection of saltwater fish, freshwater fish, live rock, driftwood, water treatments...
  3. Fish
    I have a 55 gallon planted tank and it was doing great until I added some plecos to control algae which obviously had ich. I normally quarantine my fish but I didn't with the plecos and I'm really kicking myself for it. I now have a tank with ich. The tank was at 75 degrees and the plants and...
1-3 of 4 Results