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  1. Oregon
    Hey, long time no see! Sadly, I'm back on TPT because I'm breaking a tank down, not putting a new one together. My lease is up in less than two months, I'm moving back to the great Midwest after seven...complicated years in Eugene and I want to get rid of everything ideally before July 11. I...
  2. Colorado
    Yes, now it is FREE. FCFS. Please contact if you are able to pick up all 3 pieces in one trip. Hi, I have 75 gal. 48x18x20 with canopy and stand. The glass is 3/8 thick, a pretty heavy tank. I am putting it up here since I just don't have time for it. It was a fun hobby; I am still keeping a...
  3. Virginia
    Update: Otos are no longer available, one passed away from old age and the other was given away. I still have the heater, fish tank, and guppies. If anyone still interested, feel free to pm me. Thanks Hi, I will be moving to a different house this fall and I am currently deconstructing...
1-3 of 4 Results