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  1. Aquascaping
    What is your favorite foreground/ ground cover plant, and why?
  2. Plants
    I wanted to find out what would be my best option for a foreground cover plant on a 14" -12" high aquarium with a Finnex planted plus LED light 24". I was thinking that "Glossostigma elatinoides" might be a good option, but i thought some one might have other suggestions. I would say the Finnex...
  3. Plants
    I've recently acquired four discus, and have increased the temp of my tank to about 85º F, and my question is - what is a good ground cover plant that I could get that would survive those temps? I saw a thread about a guy who had DHG in with his discus but the high temps killed it, I was...
  4. Plants
    I have a 75 gallon tank and basically have no foreground plants. It really irritates me that I have only skinny tall plants with the exception of only 2 Swords. I'm thinking of removing half of my Vals and replacing them with lower plants. Lighting: 2X T5-HO . 1 10,000K bulb and 1 Plant-Gro...
  5. Plants
    I have an established 10 gallon tank that I haven't had much success in getting foreground plants to establish in the substrate (ADA Amazonia II). I've tried dwarf baby tears, riccia on stones, and now something like a grass or microsword. The plants won't stay in the substrate and I think...
1-5 of 5 Results