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  1. Virginia
    I went low tech out of frustration and honestly love the hobby more that way. I have a Matheson Model 8-350 regulator, two CO2 tanks, and a Greenleaf Drop Checker. I have not used them for seven years but fairly certain everything still works, don’t see why it wouldn’t, but you are free to...
  2. Colorado
    Hi, I have 75 gal. 48x18x20 with canopy and stand. The glass is 3/8 thick, a pretty heavy tank. I am putting it up here since I just don't have time for it. It was a fun hobby; I am still keeping a 55 gal. The tank and stand are in pretty good shape; never have problem. Asking $150, you must...
  3. New York
    I'm moving cross-country and haven't touched my tank in awhile so I'm selling all my aquarium gear. I tore down so it is ready to go. Selling items individually since there is interest. ADA Cube Garden 60P $80 Cabinet used as tank stand (free with tank) Eheim 2215 sold Eheim ECCO 2232 -sold...
1-3 of 108 Results