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fluval fx4
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  1. Equipment
    Hi everyone, brand new to the forum about 6 months into planted tanks and just upgraded from a 37 gallon to a 75 yesterday. I’m in the process of setting up my new tank in a different area of my house so I can eventually transfer all of my current fish into new tank. I really want a canister...
  2. Equipment
    I'm sure I can find the solution here on the forum if I really dug into it. I'll work on that later. But here goes the latest problem. I'm upgrading from a Fluval 306 to an FX4. I have a Hydor inline heater and a Green Leaf Aquarium inline C02 diffuser on the out line of the 306. Neither one...
  3. Equipment
    So I want to get a filter for a new project 120x45x45cm ultra clear (app 219L planted tank). It will be on the living room so it should be as silent as possible and hassle free (lower chances of leaking). Due to space limitations I am sticking to a one filter setup only. I really like crystal...
1-3 of 3 Results