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  1. Equipment
    Tidal 55 VS Fluval C and Aquaclear Tank size: 36 x18 x18 Fluval C serice vs Tidal I chosed waterfalls as a auxiliary filter. The main purpose was: A) I like to listen to the sound of water flowing, but I don’t like rain forest pipe outlet (very easy to plug with bio film. So...
  2. Equipment
    I'm looking to replace the Aquatech 5-15 filter that came with the 10 gallon walmart set. I'm curious if anybody out there knows if the Fluval C3 will fit with the 10 gallon walmart kit's full incandescent hood light? Thanks in advance!
  3. Equipment
    I have been running a Fluval C3 since May of last year. It has been a really great, reliable filter so far. Just last week, however, I noticed that the stream that shoots over the bio-screen had gotten significantly weaker. I took the filter off and really gave it a good once over and cleaned...
  4. New York
    ** SOLD to Owens81jw. ** I am looking to sell this 20 Gallon High that i just decommissioned. It is in fantastic, like new condition. Included: 20 gallon high metal stand Coralife T5HO fixture with ZooMed FloraSun and UltraSun bulbs. 2 bags of Flourite black gravel in the tank Fluval C3...
1-4 of 4 Results