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  1. Lighting
    Thoughts? This is for the UNS 60U rimless tank, 24x14x14, with the matching glass lid. Two nanos is only a little more expensive than one strip in the right size, so cost isn’t really an issue. Thanks for looking.
  2. Lighting
    I just wanted to share. I was a bit proud of this. This is the first time I saw a problem, designed it on CAD without instructions and printed it, and it worked! I just learned this CAD software this semester. I have a Fluval 3.0 light for my 10 gal. It was a bit low and didn't cover it as well...
  3. Lighting
    Just bought a fluval plant 3.0 led from petco since it was an absolute steal but now that im home and have set it up it makes a buzzing or humming type sound when its on (besides blue light only) the main/only way to make it stop has been to go into manual and have it all set at 100% I would...
  4. Lighting
    Hello fellow enthusiasts!! I currently have a 10 gal nano aquarium that is heavily planted w/ a pressurized co2 system and dosed regularly w liquid fert + root tabs. I wanted help/opinions with my current pro-mode settings. I have been doing so much research on how/what settings to put and why...
  5. My 75.jpg

    One of the first photos with the Fluval 3.0, likely on the manufacturer "Pro" settings.
  6. Lighting
    Dear Me, I posted a similar thread in 2019 but I wanted to create a thread specific to the FLUVAL 3.0 and show pics of how this mod I made looks on the tank. I wanted to repost the supplies I used to make risers for a Fluval 3.0 light as I have been getting a lot of inquiries and requests from...
  7. Lighting
    Has anyone figured out some good settings for the Fluval 3.0? I have a 12G Long, light sits about 6 inches above the tank. Trying to figure out a good setting on a high tech planted that is good bright light for the plants, but limits algae. Does anyone have any setting input?
1-7 of 9 Results