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  1. Equipment
    Ive been using aquaclear HOB on my nano tanks for years and have no complaints. Silent operation, pretty easy maintenance, and good filtration. However I will soon be setting up an ADA ten gallon tank and my goal is to remove as much equipment from the tank as possible. While I would love to...
  2. Equipment
    I have the Fluval 106 on my 26 gallon aquarium right now, Its a frame-less cube that measures 18 by 18 by 19. I thought it would be fine, but as I've read more I'm considering returning it and getting the 206 instead. I also know it's better to have two filters than one, so I also considered...
  3. Equipment
    I'm getting a GLA rimless 6g. I was thinking of getting an AC20 but got to thinking that I want something more quite that I think only a canister can provide. I also don't want to look at an HOB on a nice rimless. So, I need help choosing a canister filter. I'm planning on doing FW planted with...
1-3 of 3 Results