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  1. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hey everyone. I have had my first planted tank up and running for 6 months to varied degrees of success (picture below!). It had a medium amount of growth, but I had to toss all my java moss due uncontrollable algae and gave away an amazon sword because I did not realize how quickly it would...
  2. Substrate
    Hi, I'm going to use fluval stratum on a 75 gallon tank but unfortunately using only fluval stratum will be too expensive plus the plants doesn't seem to stick pretty well with fluval stratum so I was thinking to use a layer of flourite black at bottom and then using fluval stratum at top, with...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello everyone, I want to start by saying this is an amazing forum. I think it will take me years to digest all the information already here! Anyway so here is my issue: I am resetting up a 26gal bow front (it has been 4-6 years since I have had it setup), I cleaned the tank out with a hose and...
  4. Planted Nano Tanks
    My GF has been jealous of my planted tanks for quite some time now, and always wanted one, but was intimidated to start one herself. So for christmas I got her a sleak looking fluval ebi (she had a similar idea and bought me one too, haha) and some extra stuff to help get her started. I thought...
  5. Substrate
    So I am on the track to a fully scaped and stem-heavy tank and need to make a decision guessed it..capping my gravel. I have been using inert substrate since the tank was set up about 2 months ago. I am planning a big rescape and would like to go ahead and solve this issue while...
  6. Tank Journals
    Here's a few pics to enjoy from one of my 40 gal tanks. Ludwigia glandulosa Rotala macrandra Hygro 'Sunset'
  7. Tank Journals
    Well, the time has FINALLY come, I start the final setup tonight, and hope to start planting by this weekend. I started working on this tank back in January, believe it or not- and it has become quite a project! This is going to be a VERY abbreviated pictoral journal- if you want to read through...
1-7 of 7 Results