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  1. Lighting
    Hi, at the moment, my 28 gallon has an aerogarden on it to light it, using LED lights, the aerogarden is just a hydroponic system with nice lights. It has the most plants in it right now, I'm growing them in there and then will propagate them in other tanks. Will this light be sufficient for the...
  2. Lighting
    Why cant you use incandescents as lighting for live plants? :fish:tetrabettaguy97 :fish:
  3. Lighting
    I recently picked up a 90 Gallon Long (6') AGA tank from craigslist and I've started planning a hood and lighting for it. Originally, I was going to stagger 4' bulbs to try and get as much lighting as possible without either end of the tank being too dim, and ODing each pair of bulbs by using a...
  4. Lighting
    Well, I tried a general use 23watt flourescent bulb from Lowes but I really don't like it. First of all its soft white light so it looks a little yellow. It also seems to be putting off too much heat. Plus it only puts out 2700K. Anyway, I am going to stick with aquarium lights. My tank...
1-4 of 4 Results