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  1. Fish
    Hi, I'm currently setting up a 30gal blackwater fl biotope, and I've run into a stocking dilemma. I'm for sure putting in 7-8 American Flagfish, and some sort of invert, but I'm torn between a blue crayfish(which I don't think will hurt the flagfish) or some olive nerites and grass shrimp. I...
  2. Florida
    Hi, first post here, but I'm a newbie freshwater aquarist and was wondering if there are any freshwater stores in the Naples/Ft Myers area besides Petco? I'm aware of a few saltwater but Petco doesn't have the greatest plant selection and was wondering if anyone knew of some hidden gems. Thanks...
  3. Ponds
    Hi guys, I work for a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and we are moving to a new location where we get to build a habitat for rescued injured turtles as they rehabilitate! (Yay!) We are in Florida and want to use plants that are native to Florida and that are (obviously) not toxic for any of...
  4. Florida
    I live in central Florida and I got an old 29 gallon tank from a friend with associated hardware. I haven't had a tank since I was a kid but I really like the concept of a somewhat natural planted tank. I was wondering if this was crazy. Can I just go and find plants and critters in local ponds...
  5. Florida
    Hi all! I am selling two different sets and I really do not want to split them up. Located in Melbourne, FL. Please PM me for my number to send photos, I'm lazy :P Set one: 10G Aqueon tank Beamswork LED Huge sponge filter + pump and lining Digital thermometer Whole bag of amazonia (ALREADY IN...
  6. Florida
    New to the hobby. been a lurker here for a year. In the Panama City area, anyone else close by willing to sell plants or what not? Just making connections.
  7. Florida
    Hello everyone, I'm starting up a new tank and was wondering if anyone has a few extra cherry shrimp they are looking to sell/give away. Living in south Miami right now but I travel all around SFL pretty often. Let me know if anyone knows anyone. Thanks.
  8. Florida
    CFL Keepers of Aquatica starting up in Leesburg. If interested in joining a new free fish club pm me. We will accept anyone that answers correctly the only question we ask to become a member. We are building this club from ground zero right now. Also taking considerations for a few club big...
  9. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Greetings! I am searching for a source of live Tubifex worms. It would be good if it were local - I'm in Orlando, FL, but if a mail delivery is the way to go, I'd prefer a source on this side of the country to cut down on delivery time. Many thanks for this information!
1-9 of 12 Results