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  1. Plants
    I recently bought red root floaters with Salvinia. It also came with some duckweed that I have been removing. However I noticed a couple of specimens of this species. To me, it didn't look like Red rooters or Salvinia because of both it's elongated leaf shape at much longer root system. I looked...
  2. Low Tech Forum
    Hey, I just ordered some red root floaters and now I'm thinking about how far above those plants should my lights be? At this point there's less than an an inch I think. I'm using the Fluval Aqua Sky LED lights on a 6 hour timer. If I should need to pull the lights up a bit is there a suggested...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    does anyone in or around Austin, TX have or would like to sell some Frogbit? If so, please let me know.
    10"x6" portion what you see is what you get just pay $7 via paypal for shipping small flat rate priority box pm me to claim
    GONE container is 6"x5" and about 0.75" depth of riccia this is no duckweed, salvinia, or other floaters. Comes from a tank that has been snail free since set up nearly 2 years ago. There is always a chance of some algae but I don't see any. makes great floating mat or if you keep up on...
    I had to condense my black worm culture tubs from 3 to 2 to make room to store an unused tank by them. I have a lot of leftover floaters from the culture. Its 99% salvinia minima but there is a chance for: duckweed, riccia, and hornwort, as well as possible snails and black worms. $7 and I'll...
  7. Plants
    Hi All, I currently have an open top 10 gallon, and the heater it's having trouble keeping up. I expected this, but like the look of plants sticking up out of the top. I know I want to get a floating plant (I have frogbit at the moment but, having no prior experience with it didn't...
1-7 of 7 Results