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  1. Plants
    I recently bought red root floaters with Salvinia. It also came with some duckweed that I have been removing. However I noticed a couple of specimens of this species. To me, it didn't look like Red rooters or Salvinia because of both it's elongated leaf shape at much longer root system. I looked...
  2. Low Tech Forum
    Hey, I just ordered some red root floaters and now I'm thinking about how far above those plants should my lights be? At this point there's less than an an inch I think. I'm using the Fluval Aqua Sky LED lights on a 6 hour timer. If I should need to pull the lights up a bit is there a suggested...
  3. Plants
    Hi All, I currently have an open top 10 gallon, and the heater it's having trouble keeping up. I expected this, but like the look of plants sticking up out of the top. I know I want to get a floating plant (I have frogbit at the moment but, having no prior experience with it didn't...
1-3 of 7 Results