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  1. Plants
    Really not sure what this is, hitch hiked in with some DHG I bought.
  2. Plants
    I'm having a hard time finding any reputable source of a couple plants that I really want to aquascape my new tank with. Riccardia chamedryfolia aka Mini Pellia or Coral Moss Fissidens fontanus aka Phoenix moss The only places I can find who have it are in Canada, the UK, Australia... I'm in...
  3. Photography
    Here is what it looks like when I do photos. I am by no means the best photographer, or have the best camera for photos, but I supplement with a desk lamp that you cannot see, a Finnex ray II for the background, and an Ecoxotic E-series that floats on the door knob - don't try this at...
  4. Colorado
    I have LOTS of fissidens fontanus available-its just been accumulating in one of my tanks: Small clump (enough to pack into 1/2 cup or 4 oz)= $8. Big clump (1 whole cup 8oz) = $15 For reference 8oz worth will spread out and cover one square foot completely. Java Fern: one large bunch with...
  5. Tank Journals
    I thought I better get this journal rolling before the scape gets too far along. Tank started on 5/22/15. I am using ADA Colorado sand as my substrate, and lava rubble to hold up the Dragon Stone, and to fight against compaction. I am using a Current Satellite Plus Pro fixture and an Ecoxotic...
  6. Pennsylvania Found this super neat book on...
  7. New Jersey
    I would like to buy Fissidens fontanus (Phoenix moss) a good size portion. Thank you. would also buy fissidens zippelianus instead.
1-7 of 44 Results