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  1. Algae
    This 8.8g has been a dry start tank for 11 weeks. The moss took 4 weeks to take hold as a dry start. It has been flooded for a week now. No fish or inverts yet. Fluval 3.0 Plant Light - now reducing from 8 hours to 7 Drop checker was reading 30-40ppm, reducing to aim closer to 30 or just...
  2. Tank Journals
    Hello Everyone! My names Mark, and I am looking forward to keeping this journal documenting my initial tank setup that will be utilizing the ADA 60-F Cube Garden! Now this is my first ever ADA build, and I couldn't be happier. From the first time I saw the shallow tanks made by Aqua Design...
  3. Tank Journals
    ADA Mini S Nano Aquarium (3.5 gallons) ----------------------- 20$ Flora: -Fissidens fontanus -Eleocharis sp. 'Mini' Future fauna: -Shrimp Tech: -Custom LED (should be 2000+ lumens, but who knows) -----45$ -ADA substrate + custom under-substrate nutrient base ------15$ -Driftwood...
  4. New Jersey
    I would like to buy Fissidens fontanus (Phoenix moss) a good size portion. Thank you. would also buy fissidens zippelianus instead.
  5. Algae
    Can you treat this stuff with H2O2? More so will H2O2 burn the fissidens? I've read conflicting stories online and would like to hear from people who have had personal experience. Opinions are great as well. If you've had success with treating Rhizoclonium with H2O2 on fissidens, please...
  6. Plants
    How well does fissidens do in low-medium lighting? Considering if I should add CO2 to my next setup or not. Preferably not if they can do fine with low lighting and no CO2 Any input is appreciated.
1-6 of 18 Results