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fissiden fontanus
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    Looking to buy large portions (baseball - softball size) of Christmas, Weeping, and Fissidens Fontanus mosses. Can be from same person or multiple people.
  2. Plants
    I've been told fissidens doesn't tolerate the "copper treatment" and that also removes the option for keeping shrimp in a copper treated tank. But has anyone used No Planaria in a tank with fissidens? Was the plant effected? Product link...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    I have a bunch of Java Ferns for sale. There is a whole lot of small rhizomes with 3-4 small leaves each. They are 50c each or 15 for $5. Larger ones with 6" leaves with 1" rhizomes are $3 each. Also have a huge amount of fissidens fontanus. Golf Ball size is $25. Smaller portions (enough to...
  4. For Sale/Trade
    I have the below for sale: Crypt Wenditti, Crypt lutea- $3 Crypt Florida Sunset - $6 Fissidens Fontanus, Flame Moss, Christmas Moss - $6 enough to cover a 2" by 2" area Monte Carlo (carpeting) - $6 (2" x 2" area) each portion Java Fern - 0.50 c for small plantlets, $3 for 1" rhizome with...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Just got this fissiden in the mail 2 days ago. It's been very hot in GA so I'm not sure if this fissiden is ok or not. It was green when it arrived but it is slowly turning brown. What should I do? It's in my EBI tank with light that came with it, no heater, temp around 80.
  6. For Sale/Trade
    CLEAN UP SALE! Breaking down a couple tanks. Moving things around. Taking a different route so here you have it. Akadama: Double Red Line - BRAND NEW 22/23lbs total weight I believe. Never shipped anything this big so you tell me which method you prefer. Buyer pays shipping cost. $50 Seriyu...
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    Looking for some Mini Fissidens for ground cover. Will pay or trade
  8. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    DONE. Please close. *No algae, but have small bits of moss and duckweek in it, not hard at all the separate since its only just a few here and there.* PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions, concerns, or even COMMENTS, please PM me or just post "PM'd" at most. Help me keep this thread clean...
1-8 of 8 Results