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  1. Fish
    Howdy there! I've been recently planning on creating a freshwater 30 gallon planted tank soon, and since I absolutely adore anything strange and weird, I was wondering if there were any amphibians or fish that would fit that? I was thinking about small eels, but most of the small ones most...
  2. Fish
    Hello! I'm back again for what probably is an arbitrary question but you all are the best source for information. So I'm running 2 community tanks, one is a 25 gallon and the other a 30 gallon. Both tanks have a decent school of tetras, some algae eaters, cleaners and some bottom dwelling...
  3. Fish
    Hello and thanks to all all of you who have taken the time to read through post. I bought a pair of Bolivian Rams about a month ago and in the last 2 days it looks like one of them has been glass surfing. The smaller of the 2 has been going to the same corner and starts going up and down the...
  4. Illinois
    I am having such a tough time finding fish stores with a solid and somewhat rare freshwater selection! So far I have Sea Escapes-south Elgin, Gingerbread aquatics- Naperville, Aquarium Adventures-Hoffman estates , beyond the reef- Hoffman estates and that’s about it! Anyone know of any other...
  5. Aquascaping
    Hello guys. I’m new doing aquascaping 10 gallons shrimp and my 20 Gallons fish tanks. I will love comments in order to improve in the future. All the pictures right now are with our the water added. I will add pictures of the “final” tanks later today. Really busy weekend 🤪 This is my 20...
  6. Fish
    He's either a Double Tail or Halfmoon. I'm not completely sure though:
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    There's water at the lid of the tank, and also, condensation on the top of the glass. I've tried wiping it off, but of course that wouldn't work and it would come back in about 20 minutes. Is there any solutions?
  8. Fish
    I've done research, and all I get is that I can keep Bettas with shrimp and snails. Personally, I'm not a big fan of shrimp and snails, and would prefer fish. I was thinking I could put a female Platy with my male Betta. I'm not sure if it would work out in a 5 gallon tank, though.
  9. Fish
    I've seen a couple videos, but none of them seem to help.
  10. General Planted Tank Discussion
    My Betta recently produced a bubble nest, and he's protective over it. Like, flaring at his own reflection and things like that. When will he forget about it?
  11. Lighting
    This happened when I had turned off his lights for about 5 minutes, then, came back in and turned the lights on. It was genuinely terrifying, and I'm wondering if this has affected his health or anything.
  12. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi! I am new to this forum and the fish keeping hobby, I just set up my 40 gallon tank for 2 fancy goldfish (I have not gotten fish yet). I am jumping on here to ask if anyone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area would be willing to share some biological media with me to jump start my aquarium...
  13. Fish
    My 60P (60L, 17 gal) tank has been running for close to two months. It's cycled, but is home to nothing but hitchhiker snails and plants so far. I'm struggling to decide what fish to keep...I feel like a good-sized shoal of a small fish would look nice. Part of me also would like some variety...
  14. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have a 10 gallon planted tank with around 5-7 guppies, 2 males and the rest females. I recently got some RCS to add to the tank. On the first batch, I had a few die from around 9. Two weeks later, I bought some more, with a total of probably around 20. Now I can only find four...
  15. Fish
    hello, I don't know much about fish, i do know that most will eat nematodes as well as maybe copepods but particularly nemarodes or white worms, but can you suggest me a fish species which are small that aggressively eat them of the glass, from the water column etc, considering rasbora,sparkling...
  16. Fish
    The other day I bought some new fish for my planted tank - at the fish store I was given the latin/scientific name Tanichthys micagemmae, when googling a bit they seem similar but not quite the same. It might be age or sex, who knows? After asking reddit for an answer, someone identified the...
  17. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    If I have a cycled tank that held a fish and shrimp, then took out the fish and for the next two weeks it was just shrimp (and a nerite snail), can the fish be added back or is it not cycled enough for the fish? A similar question is can a tank go a month with just having shrimp and then have a...
  18. Equipment
    I love my Fluval Spec V, I have two of them, but the middle of the lids have a hole where the light hovers not far above. I've never had a problem with this until today. Although I've had bettas (betta splendens) for years, today a newly acclimated betta (a wild betta/mahachai) apparently...
  19. Algae
    My wife and I have maintained a planted freshwater tank for a couple of years now. Nothing extravagant but it survived with little to no algae attacks. After doing a bit of researching and watching youtube vlogs about tank design and maintenance we decided to upgrade our aquarium to a larger...
1-19 of 301 Results