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  1. Fish
    The other day I bought some new fish for my planted tank - at the fish store I was given the latin/scientific name Tanichthys micagemmae, when googling a bit they seem similar but not quite the same. It might be age or sex, who knows? After asking reddit for an answer, someone identified the...
  2. Fish
    Haven't been on here since photbucket [censor]ed everyone with their charge for image sharing.. but have a question I'm hoping you all can help with! Got an unknown gourami male today. Store owner (not chain) said its a dwarf species (didn't give species name) that stays at 1.5", same...
  3. Fish
    Imgur album of fish Fish - Album on Imgur I'm unsure if they are flying foxes, true SAE, or false SAE. Background, I got these 2 guys under the impression they were Siamese Flying Foxes. They were fine while they were alone but once I added them to my main tank I started having random...
  4. Fish
    Can anyone tell if these are Cory Hasborsus? Thanks in advance!
  5. Fish
    Hi All, I spent a lot of time staring at the planted depths in my house while resting from shoveling! Thought I would share. Any thought are welcome. I also am wondering what type of Angelfish these are. Thanks! Male Bolivian Ram Staring me down! Female Bolivian Ram
  6. Fish
    I think this is a Blue Spotted Sunfish. Is this correct?
  7. Fish
    right so picked this guy up at work to day some one brought it in and no one really knows what he is so i though i would post some thing here.
  8. Fish
    All right you Apisto people- I got some hitchhikers with my catfish shipment that came in today, and need some help with the ID. Sorry about the lousy pics- this is what you get when you mix a lousy camera with lousy skills LOL (Plus my Otos are bigger than this little guy!) I think I may...
1-8 of 8 Results