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  1. Fish
    Hi I have recently inherited a 40gal tank with some basic aquatic plants, two ghost shrimp, a snail, 1 angelfish and 1 beta. The angel is presenting HLLE symptoms. Appetite is good but she is restless and has erosion on her head. Beta has a good appetite but low energy. Ive removed the...
  2. Fish
    Good morning aquarists. I have 3 years experience with saltwater aquariums. I have multiple reef tanks, but I’m new to planted tanks, and freshwater in general. I have a heavily planted 29 gallon aquarium with 11 Neon Tetras, 6 Black Skirt Tetras, 3 Otocinclus Catfish, 1 Hillstream Loach, 10...
  3. Fish
    Hello- mature tank - just saw this big white spot on Angel. doesn't look like typical Ich - no little spots all over all water parameters within normal - have 5 Discus- so temps in 84 deg range already. Other fish look fine. Had an SAE a month or so back who got this white spot on head and...
  4. Fish
    Hi guys, some of you may have seen my previous posts, you may have noticed that the beginning of my fish hobby has been a rocky road: given the ich, velvet disease, some behavioral/territory issues with Bolivian rams, and now finally this: I noticed red tiny worms peeking out of my rams anus...
  5. Fish
    I have dealt w/this disease and have found it more insidious than I first thought. I found that increasing water temperature to 89 knocked this disease back but within a week it reappeared. I ended up raising temp to 94 as last ditch effort, it never came back BUT none of my tetras or Rams...
  6. Fish
    So, I just moved 6 fish from a holding tank into my main display tank only to discovery they may have Ich.... Should I get them back out?? It's gonna be a pain in my large 75 gallon
  7. Fish
    My gourami has a growth on it's tail. It is growing in a cluster of cysts that resemble a cluster of grapes when viewing from above. These cysts start tiny and red, but grow larger and turn black. The cluster like growth sounded like cauliflower disease, but they are not white. Do you think this...
  8. Fish
    My fish has spots on its fins I've been treating the tank to see if it clears up any for about a week and a half but there hasn't been any change. He was in a tank with another angel fish and had some damage done to his pectoral fins. Do you think this is just how his fins have healed?
1-9 of 9 Results