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  1. Equipment
    Hi All, I just put this light in one of my tanks and I have to say, "whoa" is the tank bright. 29Gal Aqueon tank. It's so bright I am wondering if that stresses out my fish? They do have places to hide under etc. but still I'd like to hear what the consensus is with this bright light. I'd...
  2. Lighting
    I've been looking around and didn't find an immediate answer, is the Finnex Ray2 enough to grow high light plants in an 18" deep aquarium? It's 29gal, 30W18H12D, and I have the 30inch Ray2. I'd love to plant cabomba if I can. Thanks!
  3. Lighting
    I have a 45 gallon planted tank with boesemani rainbowfish and various plants. African water fern, anubias, java fern, and swords. My T5 bulbs have never really provided enough light for the sword, probably because the tank is 21" tall. I have decided to get an LED fixture to replace the T5 and...
  4. Equipment
    I've just re-entered the hobby after several years and so much have happened since I last kept Discus fish about 20 years ago. Better lights, and did I hear anyone mention Co2?:hihi: I'm setting up a 40G Breeder tank (36"long, 18" deep, 17" high), and it's currently cycling; for lights I've...
  5. Lighting
    Hi everyone! This will be my first planted tank. I'm intending to use Carib Sea Eco-Complete, along with excel and excel flourish (slowly adding any nutrients I might need to my arsenal). I have some Dwarf Hairgrass that i'm going to try and carpet which is sitting in my tank right now waiting...
1-5 of 6 Results