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  1. Lighting
    My Finnex LED 36" light fixture only stays on. The only way to shut it off, is by unplugging it. I have it plugged into a timer. Which come on in the am and off in the PM. The remote does absolutely nothing. However, the remote flashes when I look at it from my Smart phone camera. I call...
  2. DIY
    Hello everyone, I've searched high and low for DIY hanging ideas for Finnex Fixtures since some of us like to suspend our lights rather than using the stock tank mounts. During my search, I found some good ideas however very few of them ever looked as clean and OEM as I would have liked...
  3. Plants
    I wanted to find out what would be my best option for a foreground cover plant on a 14" -12" high aquarium with a Finnex planted plus LED light 24". I was thinking that "Glossostigma elatinoides" might be a good option, but i thought some one might have other suggestions. I would say the Finnex...
1-3 of 3 Results