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  1. Equipment
    Hi! I saw a fluval 105 in store yesterday and I decided to finally switch from HOB aquaclear 30. My tank is 15g. I like the fact that fluval is small in shape and since I don't have space under tank I can place it next to it. I heard that rena xp1 is great, but it is too large for me. My...
  2. Equipment
    I got this filter for my 20h gallon tank. I have used a few filters in the past but this is the quitest filter I have ever had. I mean I cant even hear it running. Anyways back to my ? Will this be to much flow for a 20h planted tank ? Joey
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    hello all first of all this forum is the best also are the members of this board aswell its hard to absorb all the info hence the fact that we can post q's here i've been reading the forums a whole lot and most hobbiests use filters on there high tech tank. i understand you would need sufficeint...
  4. Equipment
    I an 'upgrading' my cube tank (it's not a cube it's IN my cube @ work) to a 15g. I have a Fluval 403 kicking around I could use instead of the HOB Pengiun I have on the 5.5g. Is that way overkill? They are rated at 1100gph :hihi:
1-4 of 4 Results