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  1. Equipment
    Hi, I have a 46g moderately planted tank. I have been keeping planted tanks for about 6 years now. I am currently using HOB Bio-wheel filtration only. I don't use any type of CO2 system. Only CO2 added is from fish and liquid carbon supplementation (Seachem's Flourish Excel), as well as trace...
  2. Equipment
    Hello I need to replace my marineland penguin and was thinking of getting a marineland emperor. But first I want any suggestions for a good type of power filter before I decide, I want something that is quiet and possibly have the bio-wheel or something as good/better than the bio-wheel.
  3. DIY
    I found this while surfing online. Thanks to this, my fish have lots of room to swim around nowadays!:D
1-3 of 4 Results