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  1. Tank Journals
    Our story begins in an enclosure with a surface area of (24" x 12") and free space of (24" x 12" x12") of cubic inches. There are apporx. 12 US gallons of water. With the death of Sam the betta, I was looking for a fish with color and size. The tank I have is heavily planted with several shoals...
  2. Fish
    This is a vid I recorded of my Rasbora lacrimula. I was told that the wee dance theyre doin might be them ready for breedin or spawning but Im thinkin its more of an aggressive thing. They start about 33 secs into the vid. What do you guys reckon...
  3. Fish
    Hey all. I currently have a few Monos (5) in a 20 gallon tank (don't worry, they are little, and will be moved when they get bigger) and they, along with the plants and Bumblebee Gobies in the tank, are all healthy, except for one. It has these white patches all over one side of its body that...
1-3 of 3 Results