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female bettas
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  1. For Sale/Trade
    Hello. I'm selling 6 of my female bettas. They are in a sorority right now and I came to realize that it's not a great setting for a betta. So I'm trying to sell 6 of them and just keep two and divide my tank. It's been more difficult to find takers because I'd rather not ship. So the...
    I finally found a couple of beautiful males that I love. Unfortunately no sibling females were available. :icon_roll I have a green/blue grizzle dragon HMPK & a black & white butterfly HM, so I'm looking for breed-worthy females- green royal blue turqoise white black or a combo of almost any...
  3. Fish
    I know they are going to go at and attack each other to establish a pecking order, I know its gonna be hard to watch and I know I will need to medicate them. I just need a little help on how to set it up. The tank is going to be 10gallons, I am going to have plenty of plants and hiding...
1-3 of 4 Results