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  1. For Sale/Trade
    I've got some young guppies for sale. I will hopefully have some more strains sometime later as well. ATFG's Super Red Lace SnakeSkin HTD Ribbon Fin Guppies (F1) $50 a trio $5.00 each for young, unsexed fry. Approximately 2-6 weeks. Entire colony (about 5 young males and 5-7 young females as...
  2. Fish
    Hi there, this is my first post ever and I would like some help identifying my fish, some of them I think are correctly identified but I would like a confirmation. Here they are: This one is called Tuna and was my first fish, it's a Comet Goldfish right? This one was the second and it's...
1-2 of 2 Results