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  1. Equipment
    I'm pretty new to pressurized Co2 and have happily run a regulator/needle valve combo on a 20 gallon tank for the last 3 months. Its been great! I just added a 30 gallon tank next to my 20 gallon and want to take Co2 from my 20LB Co2 tank and disperse them the RIGHT way between the two tanks...
  2. Equipment
    I want a fabco needle valve for my splitter, its a 3 way but I'm only using 2 of them. The one thats on there sucks. I want this Fabco valve From what I see I would need the part where I insert my brass bubble counter or the...
  3. Equipment
    Hey, I just received my fabco nv-55, and I'm a little confused about the holes in it. The holes in the sides are where I want to attach barbs / tubing / check valves / potatoes, right? What do I do with the hole in the bottom? Do I plug it? Or is that where excess pressure is vented? Isn't...
1-3 of 4 Results