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  1. Fish
    Hi New to the hubby. When I started my tank I bought 4 guppies and it seems they are dying of the same cause, but one at a time (with nearly a month in between). The only change in fish I can explain is: My guppies are black. If you look closely at the healthy guppy's eyes some kind of white...
  2. Fish
    So I have a couple of Texas Orange Throated Darters in my 65g. One is about an inch and a quarter, probably female, and the other is a 3" male, a very nice one. Now, this darter has never been at all aggressive. I've watched him sit still while pygmy cories clambered all over him like kids on a...
  3. Fish
    I transfered my bloodfin tetras to my new 36 gallon and they have been in there for a day. This morning when I went to feed them I noticed one of the has a bulging eye. It is bulgling out all the other fish are fine. It's just the ones eye that is wrong anyone know what this is?
  4. Fish
    Today, I was cleanin up the tank a little bit and out swam my female apisto from behind some plants.. and her eyes DO NOT look normal at all, white circles around them.. is this pop-eye or something else? I dosed some melafix and a little bit of salt just in case.. anything else i could do...
1-4 of 4 Results