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  1. Equipment
    A few days ago I lost my corydoras and otocinclus to what I think was an end of tank CO2 dump, but I'm not 100% sure. When I got home late Friday night after being gone all day I found them dead with no signs of injury or external parasites. The corys appeared to be flushed pinkish red on the...
  2. Equipment
    My 20# CO2 cylinder is finally running out. It's dropped to 500 psi so all the liquid is gone and it's running on the compressed gas. However I noticed a large increase in the bubble counter at the start of today's 8 hr run. I have the pressure set to 60 kPa so I could have more needle valve...
  3. DIY
    If you look up the definition of "a solution in search of a problem" it should link to this build! :) Forward: EOTD stands for "end of tank dump" and a cheap regulator like mine is known to have major pressure swings as the cylinder runs out of CO2. By adding an additional 2 regulators in...
1-3 of 3 Results