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endler livebearer
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    Wanted to get a nice group of male endlers but they were expensive at my lfs so got few males and a female. The first set was only 3 fry of two males and 1 female. Second set of fry was a batch of 25. I have been staring at them like a hawk since day 1 to find out which were males and females to...
    Hello! I am looking to purchase some N class endlers to "resupply" the genetic stock of my current N class endlers. If you have some sort of certification proving that they are N class, that would be greatly appreciated. I am also willing to trade endlers if that is so desired. I have plenty...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    I am back for summer! I can start shipping out starting Monday May 18, 2015. Hello everyone I have some endlers and plants up for sale. Please PM me if you have any questions or comments! I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL AS A FORM OF PAYMENT! The prices do not including shipping! Warning: I do have...
    I'm wanting a little school of 4-8, with females included. They don't have to be show quality, just with enough color to make them interesting. Zip is 37013, message me with your price!
  5. Tank Journals
    This is my 40 gallon acrylic tank, it has immovable dividers so I decided stocking it with small nano sized fishies I have had it going for over a month now the water turned out to be very hard so I was unable to stocking it with the fish I planned to get- small tetras, rosboras, pygmy corrys...
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    Looking to thin my colony of Endlers. These are wild stock Endlers that I've breed in my tanks for the last 2 years. They are class N Endlers. I'll be selling the fry, which is about 2-4 weeks old. Each fry is $1.00, and...
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    Im looking for some Endlers.. Im looking for a good ratio of male to female... Let me know if you have any available.. I have paypal.. Thanks Tom
1-7 of 7 Results