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  1. Plants
    Hi guys, is anubias having hard time transitioning from emersed to submerged ? I want to grow anubias emersed and sell them to aquarist, Should I worry about the transition the buyer would have?
  2. Plants
    Can emmersed plants handle air temperatures warmer than normal water temperatures? I'm thinking of putting a few plants outside (in containers covered with plastic wrap) in order to take advantage of the sunlight for faster emmersed growth. Our highs for the coming weeks/months will be in the...
  3. Plants
    Hello everyone, Today i was gardening at my parents' house and noticed a TON of hygrophila growing along the creek behind their house. I collected a few bunches and wish to grow it as a bushy background plant in my 10g. My question is this; how would i go about transitioning this plant to...
  4. Plants
    First time planting glossostigma and I am looking for some feedback. I have broken it up into individuals stems. It's a bit leggy which I'm assuming is the result of being grown emersed. Should I let it root before before trimming it down to smaller stems? I also read somewhere of a planting...
  5. Plants
    Hi, Can anyone recommend any plants that are suitable to grow emmersed out of the HOB filter? I've seen a few people doing it and really like how it looks, but don't know which aquarium plants or non aquatic plants I can plant in there. Thanks.
  6. Tank Journals
    Hey all! Just thought I'd overshare some pics and info on a plant i've been working with. I know i'm too excited about it, but hey, tinkering is fun! :icon_wink Recently I decided to try growing a small moss type plant that I've seen around the Northwest in wet/dark locations in my nano! Here...
1-6 of 6 Results