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  1. Plants
    There's 1 1/4" of space between the surface and glass lid of one of my tanks, with a piece of driftwood sticking out the top. Is there any plant I can attach to the emerged part of the driftwood? Something that would be alright growing along the surface or down into the water? It couldn't be...
  2. Plants
    i'm kind clueless, i know that many plants can be grown emerged. whenever i've seen dry start method or anything there is always a sealed container where humidity is super high. but what about if i wanted to take some anubuias from in a tank and put it into a semi submerged-semi emerged...
  3. Plants
    I received a small quantity of HC 'Cuba' from a fellow AAPE member at our most recent monthly meeting. Enough to cover 0.75 square inch. What would be the most efficient way to grow this out - growing emerged - for rescaping a planted tank in one to two months from now? I need to cover at least...
1-3 of 3 Results