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  1. Plants
    Hello everyone, I just got back to the hobby and the forum, glad to be back! I'm setting up a new small tank( 20 gal Long) and I would like to include a carpet of the smallest hairgrass available, or the smallest that would do best in my setup. First, some of my tank's specs to put things in...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi all –[censored] It's my first planted tank (I used to keep fish ~15 years ago, and am just getting back into it) and I'm about 5 weeks into a dry start on a 60cm X 20cm x 20cm tank. I have a fairly intense lighting set-up and will be using CO2. So far, everything is going pretty well. 1...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    I have a huge amount of hairgrass available. This was grown in medium light with high co2. The pictures are a good indication of the maximum height of this truely "dwarf" grass species. I would prefer to sell in big batches if possible, prices are as follows 3" x 3" - $20 (9sq in) 5" x 5" - $50...
    just looking for modestly sized portions of each. 2" x 2" would be sufficient for both. thanks!
  5. For Sale/Trade
    Got a large batch of Myriophyllum 'guyana', Hygrophila augistifolia, Micranthemoides hemianthes, Alternanthera reineckii, and Rotala sp varieties. Below is the plant pack. I have multiple sets of this, so let me know if you're interested in more than 1. The below package is $18 shipped: Base...
  6. For Sale/Trade
    Small patch of Eleocharis Belem (Japanese Hairgrass). $17 Roughly, about a 2x2 inch portion. Very different from the typical aquatic hairgrass being sold. Eleocharis Belem grows short 1.5 - 2.5 inches high and never straight up rather it curls downward. They are healthy, green, and algae...
  7. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    Looking for HC. Let me know your price and portions. I can also trade Rili Shrimp, Fire Red culls, or baby Tylo Snails (full black shells). Thanks. edit: looking for HC!
  8. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    50+ dwarf hair grass palnts (see picture below. The box is about 9"X5".) This is the kind that grows to about 7" long but you can maintain them shorter with trimming. $10, plus shipping with priority for $5. PM if interested.
  9. Plants
    i bought some eleocharis acicularis (dwarf hairgrass) a week ago at it was lovely and green now a week on the tips seem to be browning and some stems dying off, i seperated them into smaller clumps, i trimmied the brown tips off most of them earlier on today. i presume the tips are going brown...
  10. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    Does anyone have some of this available? It doesn't have to be much, just enough to get things started. I also have a few plants that I could trade. Just PM me if you have any available. Thanks!
1-10 of 10 Results