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eleocharis parvula

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  1. Plants
    Heya, just wondering if anyone knew a GOOD seller of Eleocharis parvula. Someone who sells a lot for a decent price. Most sellers give a tiny clump for $7+. If I wanted to make a carpet id end up spending a good $100+ Also, how fast does it take Eleocharis parvula to "spread" out and cover...
  2. Low Tech Forum
    I have been slowly adding plants to my aquarium for a few months now, but absolutely refuse to do much serious upgrading to the lights (although I have added one extra LED strand). I recently added two new plants a Echinodorus tenellus (I believe called Pigmy Chain sword) and Crypt. Wendtii...
  3. Plants
    I'm having problems with Eeleocharis Parvula and a Myriophyllum Mezianum that I planted about 2 weeks ago. Older leafs are going brown and looking pretty sad. New shoots are nice and green though. I'm thinking I might have problems with algae but there isn't any algae anywhere else in the tank...
  4. Tank Journals
    Hi, so I am currently new at this aquascaping business so please excuse my lack of knowledge at time. Anyways... this 10 gallon project has been pushed back over and over again. It has been used as a goldfish tank, a crayfish tank, a neglected tank. But looking through pictures I wanted to do...
1-4 of 5 Results