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  1. Lighting
    Does anyone have any suggestions of what I would need to connect a power supply to these LED rigid strips?:confused: Ebay Item number:280942192300
  2. DIY
    Hi PlantedTank! I have undertaken a project to retrofit my AquaOne 120 tank (40 foot, 90G) which has a built in Hood light. Previously the hood had 3x 36" (3 foot) T8 bulbs in it. I am upgrading those to 3x 12 LED lights mounted on Aluminium Channel. I am doing the wiring of the hood and I...
  3. Equipment
    Hey there, I just got a Hydor mini 15W in the mail to use in my 10G tank. The tank is running a small Aquaclear HOB filter and I was wondering if this was safe to try before I plug it in. If you bend the filter (it is pliable and thin plastic) it slides into the media compartment of the filter...
1-3 of 3 Results