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  1. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I recently started dosing dry Mono Potassium Phosphate and Potassium Nitrate from aquarium fertilizer online shop I am dosing per Tom Barr recommendations for a low tech (non CO2 tank). My ph has been dropping in my tank from 6.6/7 to 6.4 after I add the Potassium Phosphate. I have even lost a...
  2. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Ok so I have a 20 gallon long tank (just upgraded yippee!) and a couple red plants that have the potential (and I want) to be REALLY red. I have a Coralife 30inch T5HO and a live stock of cherries and threadfins. Right now I have and am dosing Flourish Iron about 1ml about 2-3 times a week. I...
  3. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    new and trying to follow ei dosing. it says 1/2 KNO3 ,3 times per week for my 55 gallon tank. 1. so i mix this with distilled water then pour it into my tank? 2. how much water do i need to mix it with?
  4. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    So after noticing holes forming in my Anubias nana leaves (starts out as big brown spots, eats away at the leaves) I purchased a set of dry fertz and started EI dosing all my tanks (prior to buying the fertz I had just set up a 20g high tech and a 50g low tech goldfish tank). I was testing the...
21-24 of 24 Results