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  1. Fish
    Came home from work today and found eggs attached to the tank glass,haven't a clue as to what fish layed them,They are in a community tank,tetras,corys,sae,ottos.What do i do ?...leave them alone...rescue them somehow.How long does it take for them to hatch.They are white dots a little smaller...
  2. Fish
    Ok folks. My Albino corys decided to plaster the sides of the tank with eggs. This just happened within the past 24 hours. The last time this happened I scraped them off of the glass and into an aerated bucket. Unfortunately, the eggs clumped together and ended up a total loss. The first...
  3. Fish
    Well First the gold ram eggs were all milky colored then half became clear with a black dot/line on them. I'm guessing those are the hatched ones since they appeared after about 2 days. Now the clear and milky ones are all intermingled and there is fungus growing. Its like a white poofy thing...
1-3 of 3 Results