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    Hi, I have a 10 L nano tank with Amano shrimp and one of the plants is Egeria Densa if im correct. When I initially set up the tank everything was great and the Egeria was growing nice and strong to the point I had to do something with it. So after watching a couple of vids on YT I decided to...
    Hello Everyone! I live in WA State and am in the market for 5 different plants for my new tank. - Cryptocoryne usteriana - Cryptocoryne wendtii ( Brown is preferred, but Red will work) - Egeria densa - Fontinalis antipyretica - Lobelia cardinalis This is my first time doing this, so please...
  3. Plants
    My newest shrimp (yay I finally have cherries!) came home on a piece of Egeria and I have read that they can be planed as a exactly do I plant it though? I know I need to remove the bottom few spirals, but how deep, how far away from water column, does it need a rock or will it be...
1-3 of 3 Results