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  1. Lighting
    A friend of mine was trying to help me get my old eclipse 3 to work, and accidentally unscrewed the light fixture. Water got into it and now it's shorted out. I can't seem to find a replacement either, so I was wondering if there was some other solution I could try. I'm considering having an...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Well, I got naughty at work today and started surfing I have a 30G tall tank. I was thinking of using this as a low-light / tech dirted tank for shrimp and shrimp friendly stuff. Any food for thought? I'm thinking dirt / sand cap with a gravel cap island w/ (val / Sword...
  3. Lighting
    I would like to set up a planted 2 gallon aquarium. I'm not sure what species of plants will survive in my setup, but I would also like to add some shrimp and/or a betta. The tank: Eclipse Explorer 2 (2 gallon) ( with external power filter and bio-wheel...
1-3 of 4 Results