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  1. Fish
    I bought this balloon molly April 2015. My husband thought she would have babies soon, but since then she never had live birth. She only gives birth to some yellow yolk sac looking things. Last month, she struggled all day with this process. It looked like it caused some issues because she is...
  2. Fish
    At one time, I had 6 julii cories in my 30 gal. Gradually, they have started dying and i don't know why. Initially i thought it might be because of lack of food because the other fish got it all before it got to the bottom, so i started feeding sinking shrimp pellets and watching to make sure...
  3. Fish
    I've had two very successful aquariums in my home for quite a few years now. I have one 110 gallon aquarium which is a South American Blackwater biotope; and a 28 gallon Southeast Asian Blackwater tank. My large tank is fine, but for some reason I can't figure out, is why I can't keep Botias...
1-3 of 3 Results