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  1. Plants
    Are there any plants that could live in the foreground of a tank that could make sort of a carpet in low light? Co2 will be injected as well as ADA aqua soil. My light is a cheap hygger light that I bought from amazon before I knew much about planted tanks, and don’t have the money for an...
  2. Plants
    Hi all, I have a planted nano 5gal which has been running for about 4 years now. Here's what it looked like in its prime: Since then, I've sorta neglected it and gave it just enough maintenance for the fish to not die etc...but I'm back into it. My issue is, I've set up a new tank and...
  3. Plants
    When planting dwarf sag, should I plant it just up to the top of the roots where the leaves start. Or plant them even further, like a few cm past the leaves? I feel like the ones that are not so deep in the substrate are the only ones creating runners. Thanks.
  4. Plants
    i thought it was dwarf sag
  5. Algae
    Hi, I'm an algae grower (as my title reads) and im finally starting to get some algae in my tank and I think it is rapidly building up. By the looks of it, it looks like green hair algae. I has been starting to cover my dwarf sag and my driftwood and java fern on it. I replanted everything on...
  6. Plants
    Hello, I am very new to planted tanks. Jungle Val is literally my first plant. I got them shipped a week ago and they came in brown due to cold. I cut the very brown parts and planted it in my tank (the planted ones were still a little brown). :icon_neut Then I realized the LED kit light hood...
  7. Plants
    Which plant is less demanding for light, fertz and substrate fertz? Dwarf sag or E. tenellus
  8. Plants
    I will be receiving some Dwarf Sag's from a guy I know and have some questions about it. - Do they require any special ferts? - Can they do well in any sort of lighting? - Growth Rate? - Overall opinion on the plant. I have a 75 gallon partially planted tank 6 Silver Hatchets 5 Diamond Tetra's...
1-8 of 24 Results