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  1. Fish
    I absolutely love German blue rams and would love a pair for my 30 gallon planted tank. I live in Arizona and my tap is pretty hard, high seven pH so was hoping to get some local bred or some local in the us, not looking for wild caught or imported due to my high pH. One of my questions is would...
  2. New York
    I have a bunch of apistogramma cacatuoides gold fry for sale. Asking $5 each. Sold unsexed, they are juvies about a half inch. Also have a mature pair for $20 and additional large males for $5 each. I will include some southern delight dwarf cichlid food when you purchase a fish. I'm located at...
  3. Fish
    Hi All, I have a tank with a bunch of juvenile AC's and I want to move them out of the tank that they're in with their parents and into another tank with two Bolivan Rams that have been in their for about a year. I had meant to do this a while ago but just haven't been able to with the family...
  4. Texas
    Hi all, Don't post much but love to check out the threads and pics. Just wanted to see if any locals were into dwarf cichlids & shrimp with they're planted tanks. If so, where do you get them?
1-4 of 8 Results