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  1. Aquascaping
    Hello folks. Just new to this forum. Although I've been reading a lot of it in the last few years and feel like it is time to be part of the family. Thanks for having me here. English is not my first language so... my apologies in advance if I butcher some words. Nothing better than start in a...
  2. Aquascaping
    Bart just wrote a new article explaining in detail the finer points of Dutch Style aquascaping. Complete with lots of pictures and breakdowns of various tanks. Great stuff for anyone interested in having a Dutch tank Dutch Style Aquarium. | Bart Laurens
  3. Aquascaping
    this is my first dutch style. does anyone have any tips too make it look more better? Bump:
  4. Tank Journals
    This is my first 40 gallon breeder scape. I would appreciate all the advice and love you all can contribute to my scape. Filtration: Cascade Canister Filter - 700 Eheim Surface Skim 350 Lighting: 1 x 36" Finnex Planted+ 1 x 36" Finnex MonsterRay 1 x 36" Finnex Ray2 1 x 36" Finnex FugeRay...
  5. Tank Journals
    This is my first freshwater tank. First aquarium ever, actually. My current setup and fish community goals are below. I ended up doing a semi-successful fish-in cycle with the zebras and golden Danios. I started out with Dr. Tim's One and Only but had better cycling results after using Tetra...
1-5 of 6 Results