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  1. DIY
    Hey guy i finally decided to jump into my first big aquarium diy after cracking a side my 55 gal to remove the plastic n put on a glass euro brace. so after my stupidity i stripped the rest of the panels. i decided to make a dual stand thats custom for a 48x20x20 tank (80 or so) and a 75 so...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    I have here for sale a complete co2 setup. I spared no expense when putting this together, but due to time constraints I am getting out of the hobby. Asking 300$. Local only. Will not ship. NYC area only! I would greatly prefer not to break up the order. Cost me alot more. This is all top of...
  3. Equipment
    There is a huge price difference. I have read reviews on both and not many complaints on either. I like that on the dual you can have the bubble counter attached right to it. I'm not opposed to spending $100 or so on a dual but is it really needed? & What size tank would you recommend for a...
  4. Equipment
    I have a co2 system (pretty simple) that I have been using for a while. I now want to setup a couple more high tech tanks. I want to have a really nice co2 setup that will allow multiple tanks to be connected. I have been looking at some of the setups at green leaf aquariums. Does anybody have...
  5. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    I'm setting up 36 gallon planted aquarium, it's my first, and I am currently looking to purchase a new light fixture with more light intensity than the one I currently have. I am looking for a 30" fixture because that's what'll fit my tank and set up!
  6. Equipment
    So, I picked up a VTS 250 A on eBay the other day, and relegated the MicroMatic to 'backup' status. I changed the nipple and nut on the vts250 to CGA-320 for the CO2 tank. Now, here's the question I have: I'll set the low pressure to 5 psi, and adjust the Ideal needle valve to give me 2-3 bps...
1-6 of 7 Results